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COVID-19 Coronovirus Information

Our office is taking the spread of this virus very seriously.
To protect our patients and staff we are not seeing patients with the following risk factors:
1. Fever
2. Cough
3. shortness of breath
4. Recent travel to an area with known community spread
5. Contact with a person testing positive to Covid-19

I currently do have capability to test people in the office but are not testing symptomatic patients
If you are symptomatic and want to be tested set up a telemedicine visit by calling our office
we will complete the PUI form and you will get a call from the Seton testing facility with information on where to go.
You can also self refer to the local health department by completing an online form
If you need help with this call the office
If you think you had the symptoms and want antibody testing, CPL and Quest are offering this and I can add to your lab order.

We are open and are seeing patients on a regular schedule both in the office and by telemedicine
when you set up your appointment you can let us know which is your preference.
Updates to coverage are available and some insurances have extended coverage until June, Medicare has extended coverage until the Public health Emergency is over
For in office appointments we are taking all the precautions to prevent the spread of the virus
all surfaces are being sanitized with alcohol multiple times per day
all patients are screened before entering
all staff and patients must wear a mask
If you have a mask and are sick you must wear it.
If you are symptomatic but well enough to self care at home, stay home and self quarantine for 2 weeks
Take tylenol for fever and aching
take otc cough suppressant I reccommend Delsym or Robitussin
drink plenty of fluids
call the office for additional advice
If you are symptomatic and short of breath with high fever go to the nearest ER