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Physician Shortages – A New Normal

A few years ago, some areas in the United States were beginning to experience physician shortages, but these were primarily in rural areas.

Unfortunately, this shortage has now begun hitting large cites. Las Vegas and Detroit are two such cities.

In both of those cities, people wait weeks or even months for an appointment. It is estimated there is currently a shortage of 13,000 doctors according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Because of Obamacare that shortage is expected to increase to 130,000 doctors in the next 12 years. Why? Because 30 million more people will be covered by the health-care law passed in 2010 by President Obama.

Many physicians are adding nurse practitioners and physician assistants to their practice to keep up with demands. In fact, the use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants are expected to increase by about 40% by 2020 because they can prescribe medicines and diagnose and treat many illnesses.

To improve our patient care and expand office hours for greater patient flexibility, we are adding Julie Elam to our staff after Thanksgiving. Julie is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in patient care.

She will be a great addition to our staff. If you visit us after Thanksgiving, be sure to meet her and say hello.